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Pork Chops (and polenta)

I haven’t really had pork chops… ever. Maybe once or twice as a kid, but nothing that’s stuck with me. I’ve avoided pork chops like the plague, until I read a Mario Batali recipe that would require me to eat said ‘chops. Since that specific recipe needed 12 hours (brining time), James and I decided to try something a little simpler.

Because I am not a HUGE meat person, but making myself become one (in preparation for an unplanned trip to France in the future), I bought the organic, hopefully humanely treated pig. But you pretty much can whatever tickles your fancy.

Here’s what you need –

  • 2 pork chops, about 3/4” thick
  • 1 tbsp paprika
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp white pepper
  • 1/4 tsp black better
  • 1/2 tsp chili powder
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder

Mix the spices in a bowl and set aside. Rinse off the pork chops and pat dry with paper towel. Cover each pork chop in the dry rub and place in a gallon sized bag. Placed in fridge for 1 – 8 hours (ours marinated for about 5).

Heat your pan on high and place your chops down. Preheat your oven for 350. Cook for five minutes on one side, three on the other.

Pop your pork chops into a baking dish and throw in the oven for an additional five minutes to cook through.

Meanwhile, make your sides. We had steamed broccoli and polenta. For the polenta you will need –

  • 3 cups water
  • nearly 1 cup of corn meal (maybe 3 tbsp less than a cup)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp butter

Boil the water. Add in the salt. Slowly add in the corn meal and whisk together. Stir constantly until the corn meal is completely mixed in and starts to harden. Take off the heat and add in the butter. Stir until melted. Transfer to a pie plate and let sit. (NOTE: I made my polenta before I started the chops to ensure that it had firmed up by the time we ate).

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