I started Chompzone in early 2011 as a means and a motivator to stop spending so much money eating out. I discovered in January alone, I had spent $600 on food! That included trips to the grocery store, but it was way over my made up budget, not to mention that I was gaining weight rapidly!

I have always loved baking. Cooking was another story. When I moved out of college dorms and into my own apartment I was suddenly faced with the need to prepare my own meals. These meals started out very boring: chicken with rice and grilled zucchini, chicken and zucchini stir fry on top of rice, grilled zucchini and chicken…. sensing a theme here? I slowly started experimenting, and with the help of Julia Child, the Food Network, the blogosphere and my mom, my skill set grew.

Today I love making anything and everything. For health reasons I had to give up gluten, but I still tackle any recipe that sounds appealing to me, and I always provide how to do it both ways (gluten free and with gluten) in my instructions.

As my role model J. Child always said: Bon Appetit!

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