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Easy Goat Cheese Alfredo Sauce

My goodness, has it really been two months?! A lot has happened. James proposed. We’re planning a wedding. I’ve watched almost three seasons of Big Love. I’ve been cooking with gluten free pasta from Italy. Anyway, this week I have been battling a horrible cold.… Read More

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Beet Salad

I have tried (unsuccessfully I might add), to make anything with beets other than risotto, salad and red velvet cake. First off, beets taste like dirt, so whatever you add them to, will taste like dirt as well. Take the beet pasta James and I… Read More

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Beet Pizza

Another bunch of beets came in this week’s CSA. I recently learned that I loved beets, but I also learned that I can’t continually make risotto with them. It takes too long, is very hot and requires a lot of stirring. So I went in… Read More