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Zombie Rabbit AKA Zombit

A few years ago I bought a 3D bunny cake pan after coming back from Disney World (for the first time I might add!) to a very cold, dreary Boston. Every year since, I’ve put together some sort of creation. This cake pan is not conducive to frosting or fondant. It’s more a powdered sugar kind of cake. However, I am a frosting kind of girl. So I’ve tried to make it work in the past and failed. When I found out my friend was having a Zombie Easter themed party, I knew that this cake pan’s true calling had arrived.

Yes, a zombie rabbit, or as my Mom so creatively called it, a “Zombit.” I used a chocolate bundt cake recipe. Decorations were made out of fondant, butter cream frosting and corn syrup (blood!).

I am particularly fond of his stitched up back.

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