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Twisted Taco

Recently James and I started shopping at Market Basket. The prices are so incredibly low. This of course doesn’t mean that the experience is superb, but saving $25 a week on your grocery bill is hard to beat.

One of the biggest savings is on ground turkey meat. We’re talking 50% off for the same exact package I’d buy at Shaws or Stop & Shop. So, we’ve been eating a lot of turkey. Last week we did a meat sauce for spaghetti and cheddar salsa burgers. This week (AKA today) is a hybrid taco recipe.

I sauteed the turkey with onion, corn and orange pepper. Added in some red pepper flakes and chili powder. Tossed in some garden salsa and let simmer for a few minutes. Topped with avocado (first time James tried it!) and shredded cheddar cheese.

Served with corn chips obviously. 

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