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Pumpkin Pork Stew

The majority of October I was out sick. This meant a lot of working from home with the Today Show on in the background. During the Kathy Lee and Hoda portion of the Today Show (which is usually on mute, because that is very painful… Read More

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Pumpkin Pesto

Thanksgiving is over, work travel is over, so I’m back! The other night I came home from work exhausted (the 90 minute drive home might have had something to do with this). I scrapped all plans of going to yoga and decided to settle in… Read More

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Pumpkin Shrimp Curry

Many of you understand my deep obsession with pumpkin. As soon as it’s acceptable to make anything with pumpkin, I’m probably already in my kitchen doing so. For some non-gluten free ideas, check out my blog post “One Can of Pumpkin.” I also need to… Read More

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One Can of Pumpkin

I love pumpkins. The flavor. The color. The texture. How it can transform anything instantly into autumn. The task? Use one can of pumpkin in one weekend without making a pie. First up – pumpkin pancakes! Other than the fact that these are amazing, one… Read More