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Tis the Season to Be Grilling

No specific recipes – this is mostly meat, vegetables, olive oil and a little salt – but we’ve already gone through two tanks of gas this season. Here’s to a great summer!

Hot dogs and corn on the cob. For the corn, lightly coat in olive oil, wrap in tin foil and grill for 15 – 20 minutes turning occasionally.

Steak, citrus chicken and peppers. For the chicken, marinate in the juice of one lime, one lemon, one orange, 1 tbsp of olive oil and 1 tbsp of honey for at least two hours. The steak should be brought down the room temp and cooked on a hot, hot grill for a few minutes on each side for medium rare.

Jerk chicken. Find the recipe here!

(Blurry – sorry!) Feta basil burgers and roasted red peppers. Combine one pound of beef with 1/3 cup of feta and a tablespoon of dried basil. For a little extra kick, chop up some garlic and combine. Form four patties and grill until cooked through – 5 minutes on each side.

My all time favorite thing to grill – zucchini. Brush olive oil on both sides of 1/4 inch thick slices of zucchini. Salt and pepper and cook on the grill until done.

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