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Summer Time

I’ve been cooking, but I’ve also been hit by the summer love bug and a very busy work cycle. In a nutshell, I don’t get home as early as I used, and after cooking, the last thing I want to do is turn on ‘Mac to write a blog post.

I’m crazily uploading photos to Flickr, and promise to blog more soon! Maybe I’ll even pull something off this afternoon during lunch. But for a quick appeasement…

Fourth of July led to some inspired red, white and blue cupcakes (half the cake batter was dyed red and I layered white and red to fill the cup).

I also made the most amazing cherry pie pockets from Bon Appetit. Sadly, we ate them all before I snapped a picture, but here’s part of the process (and recipe).

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Sara is an avid cook and baker - and oh yeah, she's gluten free.

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