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Homemade Spaghetti Sauce in 1, 2, 3

The food blogosphere has been raving about this sauce for years. A coworker of mine even gave it a try and a recommendation. When I was in the grocery store last weekend, I whole canned tomatoes were on sale and the light bulb went off in my head.

This is literally the easiest sauce recipe known to man (other than jarred) and it is amazing. Here’s what you’ll need –

  • 28 oz can of whole plum tomatoes
  • 5 tbsp butter (I used unsalted), chopped into a few pieces
  • 1 medium onion, skin peeled off, chopped in half

In a large sauce pan, combine the tomatoes, butter and onion. Heat on high until it starts to simmer, then lower the temperature and let it simmer for 45 minutes. Occasionally crush the tomatoes with a wooden spoon. Salt to taste at the end.

James and I both agreed, this would be even better if you threw in a bay leaf, and maybe a splash of red wine. Either way, it’s still amazing and super simple. Serve on top of pasta, rice, quinoa….

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