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The Beginning

James and I finally have a normal schedule. By normal I mean, we’re usually home for dinner together. Since this is the first time in a long time this has actually happened, we decided to keep track of our meals in a sort of virtual cookbook.

This is made easier by the introduction of Droids and iPhones in our lives, multiple laptops (including a Google Chrome laptop) and a few desk tops.

We probably won’t include super detailed instructions since the majority of what we cook is committed to memory (really, I am not going to tell you how to steam broccoli, it’s just not going to happen).

So enjoy reading about what we eat, when we eat, where we eat. And on that note…

Cheddar Salsa Turkey Burgers with Asparagus.

What do I need: 1/2 pound ground lean turkey meat, 2 ounces cheddar cheese, 1/4 cup salsa, asparagus

What do I do: combine turkey, cheese and salsa. Form patties. Grill baby, grill! Oh, and steam some asparagus.

What do I need: Duck leg (Savenor’s), broccoli, potatoes

What do I do: Reheat duck (seriously, Savenor’s is amazing, we bought this already baked, but you can get it raw and wild too). Steam broccoli. Mash potatoes

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