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Challenge of the weekend? Canning. Oh, and pickling. Having a slew of pickling cukes, zucchini and summer squash from our CSA means having to be creative with preparing and preserving. I had never canned before, and was pleasantly surprised at how easy the whole process… Read More

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Mmm, Mmm, Pesto!

I love pesto. I used to not. Pine nuts? Blegh. Basil?! Even worse. But then my taste was refined, I started eating meat, and here we are, a few years later, swimming in pesto whenever I have the chance. As you can imagine, I was delightfully… Read More

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Zuchinni Sloppy Joes

Nope, this is not a vegetarian recipe. This is just another way to infuse some veggies in our meal. Inspired by a recipe on Epicurious, I decided to use up the leftover beef in our fridge rather than freeze it. Here’s what you’ll need –… Read More